Sports gaming falls into a couple of different categories: arcade and simulation.  The arcade games are the popular ones, the games that are based on your ability to control a player.  This section will concentrate on simulation games, where strategy and statistics are more important than the gamer’s ability to control play.

There have been several simulations that are now available in several sports.  The cream of the crop, in my opinion, is Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP Baseball), but there are good basketball, hockey, and football games that fill the need for simulating the past or predicting into the future.

This area of StatManSports Online will have information on the simulations that we plan to run.  There are a lot of great ideas out there and “what-if” scenarios that these games can tackle.

Have an idea for a simulation?  Leave a comment on the site or on Facebook, or tweet me @gstatman.


  • StatManSportsOnline presents this alternative look at sports from the earliest beginnings to present day.  It is a passion project, a life’s work, and it is starting now.

Individual simulations:


  • American Alliance 1871: In this OOTP simulation, we are using real players with fictional franchises going back to the beginnings of professional baseball.  Join us as we recount the alternative history of The American Alliance and the trials and tribulations of the fledgling league.
  • First To Third League Simulation 2015: This is a sim on OOTP to simulate the 2015 season with our First To Third (FTL) fantasy league teams and rosters fighting it out for the FTL Sim championship.
  • Dugout Wizards Baseball League: This OOTP sim started in the 1964 season with the actual AL and NL rosters, but trades and draft picks have started to change the make-ups of these teams.  I am the GM of the New York Mets and, as of mid-January 2018, we are simulating the 1971 regular season.


  • Early Expansion League: This is a simulation run by SimSportLeagues using SimonT Hockey Simulator.  The EEL is a historical simulation league starting in an NHL-like 1954.  Instead of the NHL expansion of 1967, this league moves from the Original Six to 10 teams for the 1954 season, as the Brooklyn Americans, Buffalo Bisons, Cleveland Barons, and Pittsburgh Hornets gained entry into the league.  The league has since contracted to eight teams, as Cleveland and Pittsburgh were disbanded.  I am the GM of the new Brooklyn franchise and you can follow along as I take on the established teams!  As of mid-January 2018, we are in the 1958 offseason.