Pro Sports

The opinions you read on this site are necessarily my own.  Whether or not I root for a team, I will give a fair account of what is going on.  That being said, if someone has it coming, they will hear about it right here.  Sometimes, you will hear my opinions on my show, “Sports With The StatMan”, but other times, I might run out of time or would rather share my full opinion right here.

Most of you know I have a day job, but nevertheless, I am going to try to write a weekly column on either baseball, football, or hockey, whichever is in season.  We may go in-depth on one of the local teams we cover in New York, Boston, or Philadelphia, or we might talk about an issue affecting the league at-large.  It might be about a star in the league or a trend that involves many players.

We might also welcome a guest columnist or two as well.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what we have to say and we would like to know your opinion on these posts.  Do you agree?  Do you disagree?  Have any issues you want me to weigh in on?  Leave a comment on the site or on Facebook, or tweet me @gstatman.