About The StatMan

George Stathopulos (a.k.a. “The StatMan”) was born in New York and raised in New Jersey.  He has lived in suburban Philadelphia and has spent a lot of time visiting friends and traveling for work in Boston, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh, all great cities with wonderful people.

George’s first experience with sports was playing wiffle ball on the driveway of his apartment building in the late ’70s.  His older neighbor wanted to be the Yankees, and told him that he could be the Mets while laughing heartily.  That was his first indoctrination in being a JIM (Jets-Islanders-Mets).  He has been a long-suffering fan of all three teams, starting with the Mets in 1985, Islanders in 1992, and Jets in the mid-’80s before coming back for good in 1997.

He now lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife, Mrs. StatMan, who usually has better luck picking the results of NFL games.